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Unleash qualitative insights
at quantitative scale.

InsightAI engages your audience in conversation at-scale and explains what it learned from those conversations. 

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From conversations to insights


Open-text made easy

InsightAI engages your audience in text-based conversation, via SMS or on the web. Its open-ended conversation style ensures your users tell you exactly what they want to tell you - without the bias inherent to traditional surveys and NPS-style approaches. 

Insights at machine-scale

InsightAI leverages several purpose-built machine learning models to make sense of user-generated open-ended response data. It knows which questions to ask to get the answers it needs and makes sense of all of this information as it learns, saving you time and increasing the precision of your analysis.

A new tool for your toolbox

Traditional surveys and in-person interviews will always have their place, but InsightAI gives you the best of both worlds the scale of a traditional survey, with the deep learnings of qualitative interviews. 

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InsightAI has you covered

We’ve pioneered unique conversational models for InsightAI’s three primary use cases - it knows how to elicit the right answers from internal and external audiences and make sense of their aggregate responses. 

InsightAI’s machine learning models do the heavy lifting and make understanding the data easy.

Quickly understand your audience, from their own words.

InsightAI works to make sense of traditionally "messy" open-text response data so you don't have to. Get in touch to find out how you can add another layer of insights to your research toolkit!


Employee Experience

Find challenge and opportunity areas in your organization from the sum total of your employees’ experiences. Bridge the gaps between one-to-one conversations and larger scale quantitative metrics gathering.

Customer Experience

Know where your product or service is resonating or falling flat, and gain specific insights into how. Talk to your customers and potential customers and discover the unknown unknowns. 

Market Research

Let your audience tell you what they want to tell you. InsightAI cannot promise to unveil the truth, only the truth that your audience perceives - backed by their own words. 




InsightAI was incepted and incubated inside BMNT, with customers across the entire federal government.

Born from Design Thinking and Lean Startup best practices, InsightAI is the perfect tool to deliver qualitative-style insights at quantitative scale.


InsightAI aims to bridge the gap between traditional qualitative and quantitative user research methods. By engaging massive groups of users in conversation, we believe we can introduce another dimension of valuable insights to decision makers inside and outside of organizations.


InsightAI blends the latest advances in Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning to make sense of large amounts of open-text user response data and present it back to stakeholders in a human-readable and understandable format.




USAF Commander

"I found the data absolutely fascinating!  I would not have expected that feedback from the field, which is why I’m so glad we did this.  I look forward to using this in the future and will advocate for expanding its use elsewhere."

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You enjoy building fluid and responsive user interfaces in REACT and leveraging metrics to improve those interfaces

over time. 

NLP engineer

You're interested in tackling the challenges surrounding making sense of human-generated open text data and applying technology to detect patterns where there seemingly aren't any.

Full-stack Engineer

You have a solid command of the full software stack, and author clean code for both the client and server side of applications. And you know how to quickly fix that code when things don't go as planned.

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