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How to Ask Questions You Can Instantly Action

Updated: May 13, 2022

Picture this, you just finished a wonderful meal and you ask your partner, “On a scale of 1–10 would you recommend the roasted veggies to a friend?” You get strange looks and a suggestion to spend less time at work. No one talks like this, and neither should a conversational survey.

The interview experts at BMNT developed InsightAI. With a strong background in conducting personal interviews at BMNT to discover the issues and especially to identify concerns, we used this expertise to train our Conversational AI to interview people virtually, just like we do in person. When compared to converting traditional survey questions into a conversation, InsightAI produces a more natural questioning methodology resulting in instantly actionable insights.

Here’s an example, we recently had a customer who wanted to know if their workforce understood the company strategy. The traditional survey approach to answering this question would be to ask something like the below:

Do you understand the company strategy?

  • Yes

  • No

The main problem with this is we only really get to learn if people think they understand the strategy, and in fact most conversational survey products will simply ask this question and record the “yes/no”. The other problem is this type of question is one everyone knows they should answer “yes” to, just like you tell the dentist you floss and brush your teeth twice a day, every day ;)

Let’s see how we can improve this, even while when using a survey.

What are the three pillars of our company strategy?

  • Sell lots of product

  • Over deliver for customers

  • Reduce costs

  • Hire the best people

  • Outsource non critical roles

  • Have the best culture

The data gathered here is better, you get more insight into who knows the right pillars. Some people will figure the right answers from the list even if they didn’t know them, and hopefully, you guessed all the answers people might give.

Here is how we’d answer the customer’s need with our Conversational AI.

  • Describe the main pillars of your company’s strategy.

As you can see this is a game changer for taking corrective action, you find out when people know the strategy well enough to come up with it on their own, and when they can’t you learn what they think it is. Now your actions can be highly targeted, only correcting the parts people got wrong and countering the incorrect pillars mentioned.

The key to this approach is having a high quality NLP engine to analyse this qualitative data into actionable insights. Ours produces hierarchical topic clusters, allowing you to zoom in and out of the topics to better understand your community.

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