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Some People Just Don’t Want to Talk

Updated: May 13, 2022

It makes us sad, but there will always be people who just don’t want to talk with us. The key here is to do our best to win them over, and if we fail, politely end the conversation so we can try again another day.

As referenced in Is now a good time to talk?, our AI is polite, we start by asking if the person wants to chat, or if there is a better time to talk. Next, we look for gibberish responses, this is usually someone trying to just skip through the conversation to check a box or get a reward.

When this occurs we kindly ask the person to clarify their response, but if the gibberish continues we thank them for their time and let them know we can reach back out at a better time if they’d prefer.

The reason this is important comes down to data quality, we want to remove feedback from people that is not genuine, bad data from a person is worse than no data.

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